Phireworx Photography guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied, a refund may me granted once all images are returned.

Retakes / Reprints

A retake or reprints may be granted due to an unsatisfactory image only if the mistake is due to photographer's error (i.e. closed eyes, misspelled info, etc.)

Returned Checks

A $20 fee will be charged for returned checks and photos will be held until full payment is received.

Misspelled Names

Phireworx Photography will NOT be held liable for misspellings if player info is not written legibly on customer's order form.

Image Usage

Phireworx Photography reserves the right to use copyrighted image for promotional use only. If you do not wish for your image to be used, please email us directly at service@phireworxphoto.com.

Orders placed online will be printed as shown (minus the watermark). Adding player’s name is NOT available for post-shoot online ordering.

Photos ordered online allow the customer to crop the image to their liking. Phireworx Photography is not held liable for cropping errors made by the customer.

All post-shoot online orders charge tax and a shipping fee.

Pro Posters and Create-A-Package are NOT available for online ordering. This can only be done through Preorders and Picture Day orders.

Packages ordered online will include a $3 service fee.

Online Ordering


I took multiple poses on Picture Day, which photo will be on my prints?

If multiple photos are taken, the image that is chosen is at the discretion of the photographer (unless specified on the order form).

If I order my photos online, will the watermark be printed on my pictures? 

No, online print orders will not have the watermark on them. 

Do players names and graphics come on all photos?

By default, graphics (i.e. team logo) will be included on all print orders. Player’s name can be added to any Preorder and Picture Day order for an additional charge (option not available for Post-shoot online ordering).